This is not advertising

The time between planning application and granting of Permission is when your customers make choices; about their Contractors and the products they desire. This
eight to ten week period is your “window of opportunity” when your prospects will be ordering the very products and Services you sell. Why wouldn’t you want to Contact them?

This is not ADVERTISING! It is direct response mail marketing and works so well because your campaign is focused with
precision targeting and perfect timing. You’re promotional Material will ALWAYS reach the right person at a time when They WILL be placing orders. No other form of marketing can possibly match the effectiveness of an APL Marketing Plan.
To enhance your campaign we allocate a personal campaign

manager who will assist you in preparing your sales proposition And monitoring your campaign success. Simply follow our tried and tested marketing methods.

Will it work for me?

Take a look at a typical example.

2 Planning Districts – Monthly Subscription £69.99

Each area will produce on average 800 – 1000 planning applications per year. Lets work on the low side and say that typically 500 smaller projects will be of interest to you.

500 x 2 = 1,000 a year or say, 20 sales leads per week.

Stamp, envelope and printing your sales letter will come to say, £0.60p or £12.50 per week; add your subscription and you will be spending £28.80 a week on average to get to 20 sales opportunities per week.

How much advertising could you buy for £30 per week?

Based on our experience the return rate is between 4% and 10% depending on our client’s proposition. Lets work on the minimum expected at 4%. This would result in 100 leads x 4% = 40 sales opportunities or almost 1 a week.

How many of those sales opportunities do you think you would convert?

If you had an order rate of just 1 in 10 you would get 4 contracts per year. A fitted kitchen these days would be £12 – 15K plus and an average extension £20K plus.

What is your average contract price?

Let’s say it’s just £8,500:00. 4 sales @ £ 8500 = £34,000 for a net cost of less than £30:00 per week or just over 4% of your sales. What would be your return on £30:00’s worth of Local Advertising or Google clicks?