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Get the best leads before your competitors do, and the sales your business needs.

Imagine if you had the ability to contact every single prospect in your area just before they decide who to buy from? gives you the information you need to find new clients just when they are ready to buy, and the tools you need to contact them in minutes. Nothing could be simpler, or have such a dramatic effect on your bottom line!

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Actual Planning Leads gives you immediate online access to all local planning applications, meaning that you see real contracting opportunities straight away – before your competitors are even aware of them. Not only can you see the latest applications and relevant contact details each day, but using a ready-made template you can print a professionally written sales letter to send to the applicant before they’ve even started to choose contractors.

  • Contact people about to buy exactly what you sell
  • Gain “edge” over your competitors and get there first.
  • Precision targeting and perfect timing means your marketing hits the target –
    every time!
  • Saves you time as all the marketing leg work is done for you
  • Cherry pick your projects in terms of type, locality and value.
  • Actual Planning Leads identifies ALL of your market.
  • Actual Planning Leads are delivered BEFORE planning permission is granted and
    spending begins. A “captive audience.” is guaranteed.
  • Use professionally written sales letters templates for maximum response
  • Out performs most other forms of marketing including Yellow Pages, Magazine
    and newspaper advertising.

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