How does the Actual Planning Leads web site get results?
A personal letter sent through the post is simply the best way to communicate with people. It is a polite way to let prospective customers know that you exist and that you are interested in helping them with their project and Win More Construction Contracts. You can tell them exactly what you can do to help them. Provided your letter does this and you make it easy for them to respond, they will! Combine this with the fact that many planning applicants could soon be looking to buy exactly what you sell anyway, then it’s not difficult to see why it works.

How much does it cost?
One planning district is just £39.99 per month and the more districts you subscribe to the cheaper it gets.

How do I pay?
Monthly rolling agreement payable in advance by direct debit.

Can I add planning districts?
Yes, you can add or decrease your planning areas at a months notice.

Will planning applicants object to my letter of introduction?
NO. The chances are that your offer of help will be very relevant to their building project. The people who benefit the most from our service are the planning applicants themselves. They are often impressed by pro–‐active approaches.

Will I get the information before permission is granted and spending begins?
YES. New projects are uploaded daily at the beginning of your eight-week window of opportunity before planning is granted.

Will I have to spend a lot of money on my mailing campaign?
NO. Most of our clients just send a simple sales letter but if you can include a brochure or other interesting material your response rate will increase. A reply paid response device or free phone number will also increase response. You campaign manager can help you with putting together effective marketing mailing.

Can you help me write professional sales letters?
Yes. Your campaign manager will work with you in writing an effective, professional sales letter and carry out periodic reviews of your campaign to ensure maximum response.

What should I put in my sales letter?
Imagine you are the recipient. What would encourage you to pick up the phone and reply? Write about what you can do for them and make it a polite and personal communication. You can increase your response rate by offering an incentive like something for FREE or a special discount. Always make it easy to respond. We work with all our clients to ensure your marketing is professional and effective.

Should I test different sales letters?
YES. If you want exceptional results test, test and test again. The more you test the sooner you’ll arrive at your most productive campaign. We constantly review the performance of our clients direct marketing campaigns

Are planning applicants affected by the current economic climate?
NO, not at all. In fact more and more people are extending and improving their homes because of the current difficulties associated with moving to a larger house.

Is this advertising?
NO. This is direct response mail marketing. Marketing professionals claim that it’s a perfect way to win sales for businesses of all sizes.

What Council Districts are available?
All mainland districts within the United Kingdom. You can view a list of Local Authority Planning Districts here . However, remember we restrict our clients to just three of any one trade per planning districts.

How do I Subscribe?
We believe that try before you buy is the best way of you to appreciate the full benefits of APL. Sign up for a free 14-day trial by clicking here