Marketing Benefits

This is not advertising, it is direct response mail marketing and it works so well because your promotional information will always reach the person or company that is in charge of the project. No other form of marketing can possibly match the effectiveness of a precision targeted and perfectly timed direct response marketing campaign.

Contact only people about to buy exactly what you sell.

Gain an “edge” over your competitors; get there FIRST.

With this precision targeting and perfect timing, maximum response rates can be achieved.

Contacting Planning Applicants by post is far more effective than most other forms of marketing including Yellow Pages, Magazine and Newspaper advertising.

You can keep your finger on the pulse of the construction industry and planning leads in UK.

The information is delivered BEFORE planning permission is granted and spending begins. A “captive audience” is guaranteed.

Direct mail is still one of the best forms of marketing in the UK and is expected to increase significantly over the next two years.

Unlike press advertising, direct mail allows you to speak personally to your prospective customer while keeping advertising spend down.

In a personal letter you can vary your offers – experiment. You can even decide on which day your letter is received. (Saturdays are best.) And you can accurately monitor your results.