A Planning Application is often just a fraction of the total project spend

Precision targeting with perfect timing

You can easily search for relevant opportunities with Actual Planning Leads. Once you’ve found a suitable project, you can simply print one of our professional sales letters to send to the applicant and introduce your products and services. It’s quick, targeted, and you’ll know that you’ll be offering just what your prospects needs.

  • See all the planning leads in your chosen area
  • Filter by area Filter by type of project
  • Filter by date Planning reference search Keyword Search
  • Delete records Save Records Export data to excel
  • New leads added weekly Email notification of new application made
  • View all the details of individual applications
  • Site address
  • Proposal
  • Status
  • Application Date
  • Applicant Name and Address
  • Agent Name and Address
  • Location Map
  • Make Notes
  • View Plans
  • Print details
  • Save Project
  • Create marketing letter to your selected prospect
  • Confirm prospect details
  • Select one of three professionally written templates
  • Create or edit template Merge prospects name and address into template Edit text
  • Set Margins Download to printer

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